Administrative Services

Captain John Mullin, Administrative Services Commander

Administrative Services is made up of all of the support functions that are necessary to keep police operations running smoothly. The Administrative Services Division consists of the Department’s Administrative Captain and a dedicated team of civilians that perform all of the administrative tasks within the agency. Admin Services includes the Records Bureau, Traffic Records, Firearms Licensing, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Payroll, and Grant Management. Additionally, Admin Services also includes the Department’s Custodial Staff, Fleet Mechanic, and I.T. Manager.

The Administrative Services Division performs a wide-variety of duties that most citizens never consider. Without the functions performed by Admin Services, sworn personnel would not be able to quickly receive new equipment, vehicles, or training.

In addition to all of the day to day responsibilities, Admin Services also prepares and monitors the Department’s budget, seeks and applies for grants, and liaises with other city departments and private organizations to keep the Department involved in the community.

The Mission of the Administrative Services Division is to support our sworn personnel, so that they are more prepared and available to handle calls on the street.