Drug Unit

The Pittsfield Police Department’s Drug Unit is a branch of the Detective Bureau. The Drug Unit is comprised of four officers; a supervisor and three narcotics investigators. They work closely with the regular detectives and they rely on them for support and assistance in their investigations.

The Drug Unit investigates all complaints of controlled substance violations. A variety of tactics are used to combat the drug problem in Pittsfield. Undercover operations and the use of informants are largely responsible for their success. “Sting” operations, in which undercover officers, posing as drug dealers, sell drugs to buyers, who are then arrested. Also, undercover officers pose as drug users and buy drugs from the dealers, who are then arrested. Central to the Unit’s strategy is an effective partnership with the community, an integrated working relationship with the State Police Drug Unit assigned to the District Attorney’s Office, and most importantly, our own Patrol Division.

“Crack” cocaine, cocaine hydrochloride, marijuana, heroin and prescription drugs are the prominent drugs of abuse in our community. However, “Crack Cocaine” continues to be the most devastating of them all.

The Drug Unit is committed to drug education, and they are available to Neighborhood Policing Organizations, civic groups, churches, schools and other community organizations for the purpose of drug education. Drug education classes have been given to dozens of groups including, kindergarten, elementary, middle school and college classes, medical professionals, neighborhood policing groups, Citizen Police Academies and D.A.R.E. classes and camps.

Over the past few years, the department has averaged about 250 drug cases per year. Many more Pittsfield cases are made by the State Police Drug Unit assigned to the District Attorney’s Office, with our assistance. There have also been many drug cases made based upon information supplied by citizens who were willing to get involved.

In 1995, 1997 and again in 1998, the Pittsfield Police Drug Investigators were recognized for the outstanding efforts. In each of these years, they received awards from the New England Narcotic’s Officers Association, for their excellence in the field. Also, in 1998, the unit was recognized by the Madison Avenue Block Association, for their substantial success in reducing drugs in their neighborhood. The unit was presented certificates, and a trophy, by the president of the association, on last year’s Police Memorial Day, at their Francis Avenue Plaza headquarters.

The Drug Unit intends to make the City of Pittsfield a very unfriendly place for the drug business. If you have any drug information, please call our new TIPS LINE at 448-9708, and help put a drug dealer behind bars!