Animal Control

The Pittsfield Police Department’s Animal Control Unit is an integral part of the Department’s law enforcement, public safety and community service missions. ACOs Joseph Chague and Terence Moran work together to handle approximately 3500 animal related calls for service every year. These are calls that would require the services of one or more police officers, if the Animal Control Offices were not available.

In addition to handling calls involving domestic animals, the ACOs also work closely with the Environmental Police and Fisheries and Wildlife Officers to handle calls dealing with a wide range of wild animals, including skunks, deer, moose, raccoons, bears and many more.

Pittsfield’s Animal Control Officers are certified by the Animal Control Association of Massachusetts and work with police offices from the MSPCA to enforce all animal cruelty and abuse laws. By working closely with Animal Control, investigators from other divisions are often able to make stronger cases against drug dealers and gang members.

Pittsfield’s Animal Control Officers also provide law enforcement services that do not involve animals. They frequently assist the Patrol Division with road closures, special events, large scale emergencies and area searches. Animal Control provides training to the rest of the Department on dealing with and investigating animal issues.

Animal Control Officer Joseph Chague actively participates in the Human Animal Violence Education Network (HAVEN), the State of Massachusetts Animal Response Team (SMART), the City’s Hoarding Task Force, and the Animal Control Association of Massachusetts (ACAOM).